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Topical Use of Liquid Glucosamine for Arthritis Pain

Topical Use of liquid Glucosamine

The most notable aspect of using liquid Glucosamine as opposed to pills or capsules is the absorption and bioavailability. Pills and capsules are believed to absorb at the rate of about 15-20%. On the other hand, liquid Glucosamine formulas are absorbed at a clinically demonstrated rate of 80-85%.

Topical Use of Glucosamine

In fact, the topical use of Glucosamine has been clinically proven and found to be effective. In a study done in 2003, sixty-three (63) individuals were clinically studied to assess the effectiveness of using topically applied Glucosamine. All of those studied were found to be suffering from OA of the knee. (1: J Rheumatol, 2003 Mar; 30(3): 523-8)
The study group was divided into those who used a placebo and those using the topical Glucosamine product. The results were assessed after eight weeks of use.
The results showed that after just four weeks of use with the topical Glucosamine product there was significant reduction of pain in the affected knees.

Liquid Glucosamine vs Pills

Liquid Glucosamine is absorbed into your system more effectively than pills, capsules or powder form due to the fact that there are not fillers in the liquid form. Pills, capsules, etc. only have 15-20% absorption to the body whereby liquid Glucosamine will provide you with about an 80-85% absorption rate.